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Business Advisory Services in the UAE

We identify your potential, overcome obstacles, and seize profitable business opportunities to advance your organisation.
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Establishing your company in the UAE business scenario is no mean feat. It is a path strewn with challenges. Cultural acclimatization, foreign language proficiency, foreign business understanding, compliance with the local rules and regulations are just a few of the gauntlets you may face to find a foothold in this promising country.

However, no challenge is too big for us at Fortius. Thanks to our extensive global network and unparalleled business experience, we are comfortably placed to render optimal business advisory services for organizations in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other Emirates.

Forged with proven practices and backed by solid facts and empirical data, our Business Advisory Services are tailored to power you ahead in the UAE business environment. Team Fortius backs you with result-oriented services born from years of experience in real-time implementation. Our specialty is identifying the scope of advisory to deliver functional and cross-functional insights into multiple issues.

Make smarter decisions, run agile operations, and boost your presence with Fortius!

Mergers & Acquisitions

Creating winning merger and acquisition strategies by identifying issues and points of negotiation, executing a seamless deal, and implementing synergies-delivering changes and improvements.

You have our assured support to:

  • Identify and develop integration strategies.
  • Oversee the M&A procedures.
  • Negotiate and structure M&A deals.
  • Draft & screen legal matters.
  • Execute & close deals.
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Crisis & Risk Management

Helping you track business hazards with rigorous and robust risk assessments to avert unexpected crises that can jeopardize your reputation or endanger your survival in the UAE. You can count on our comprehensive risk management services at every phase of your business or project. With our team’s guidance, you can upgrade your:

  • Controls within the organization.
  • Risk assessment and behavior analysis.
  • Cybersecurity and data protection.
  • Organisational regulation compliance.
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Financial Due Diligence

Due diligence is a critical phase, and there is no room for compromise here. The more information you have about the company you intend to purchase, the better. Our due diligence advisory services provide you with intensely-researched background information on the proposed transaction. With in-depth data at your disposal, you can make better-informed decisions to finalise the deal.

Our due diligence services leave no stone unturned. We analyse:

  • Earnings quality and operating effectiveness.
  • Organisation's financial status.
  • Organisation's history and background.
  • Employee characteristics and commitments.
  • Current and future cash flows.
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Business Valuation

There are a variety of reasons why organizations need to determine the fair value of their assets or business. We at Fortius believe valuation is fundamentally the process for updating your financial decisions with your most important asset. As part of our business valuation services, we help companies and investors in Dubai and other Emirates in the UAE determine enterprise value and support them throughout the transaction process.

Our team will help evaluate your business by:

  • Understanding your business background.
  • Carrying out in-depth financial analysis.
  • Adopting a tailored approach for your business.
  • Preparing business valuation reports.
  • Organizing future projections and analysing past financials.
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Audit Services

The purpose of auditing services goes far beyond simply verifying numbers and figures. It involves systematically reviewing and inspecting an organisation's financial records and controls. Fortius auditing services use open auditing processes to assess your organisation's fiscal viability and ensures regulatory compliance with UAE's auditing laws. We work in coordination with our Audit service partners offering the following services:
  • We will coordinate and liaise with our audit associates to provide audit service for compliance and other special purposes.
  • Identify and mitigate risks to ensure compliance with rules.
  • Enhance overall efficiency with internal audits.
  • Provide an unbiased assessment of the company's financial health.
  • Extract evidence to be used for legal proceedings with forensic audits.
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Asset Management

Want to expand your assets? Why not? As a functioning establishment, you require wise asset management guidance that delivers transparent and pragmatic investment solutions. Fortius' asset management capabilities are based on our comprehensive knowledge of regional markets, paired with our ability to select the right assets and markets for your investments.

We help you:

  • Choose the right investments & avoid risky ones.
  • Track your portfolio and respond to the changing scenarios.
  • Review asset performance on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.
  • Plan and manage transitions and successions.
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FAQs on Business Advisory Services

A due diligence audit done under the guidance of business advisory services is an assessment of a company or individual before signing a contract or an act that requires a specific level of care and proper research into future significant issues and existing practices of process and policy.
Due diligence is not legally mandated. Due diligence with the help of business advisory services is an evaluation of a company done at the buyer's discretion in preparation for a corporate finance transaction such as a merger, acquisition, or privatization.

An independent auditor will review the company's books and provide an opinion on the management's numbers as part of an audit. A due diligence audit with the assistance of business advisory services is an examination of a company or individual prior to entering into a contract or an action taken with a specific level of care.

Business advisory services are the answer for a business owner trying to determine the value of their company. Different methods are used to arrive at a value for a company, but they aim to do the same thing. Your company's assets might be better understood with the help of a business valuation. It aids in organizing the accounting and auditing procedures. It also offers tailored services to enhance client companies' operations.

When choosing business advisory services, entrepreneurs and consultants should take into account a wide range of factors.
1. The business complexity is merely a starting point in terms of the credentials necessary to conduct a business appraisal.
2. If the valuation is challenged, you need to have rock-solid capital market documentation to back you up.
3. Ability to provide well-documented reports and assistance to the valuation group.

Business valuation with the assistance of business advisory services is performed during merger and acquisition deals, succession and exit strategy preparation, acquisition financing, insolvency, solvency, and reorganization.

There are a number of approaches that may be taken to determine a company's value. Business advisory services have developed various approaches to estimate a company's worth, including the gross asset value method, the liquidation value method, future profit-based valuation, etc.

The business advisory services will feature specialists in the area of a company valuation. Because of this, the buyer or seller of the firm can benefit from their employment of experienced teams to establish a fair price for the company.

Article 27 of Chapter 2 of the New Commercial Companies Law mandates that the financial records of all companies operating on the mainland undergo an annual audit. Each year, businesses must compile a set of financial statements (such as a balance sheet and a statement of operations) and keep these records for at least five years with the help of business advisory services.

Your company's success or failure hinges on your ability to select the top audit firms in Dubai, which will significantly influence your operations and provide assurance that your money is being managed properly. One of the most useful things you may do for the safety and success of your company is to hire business advisory services or an auditing firm that meets all of these criteria. Choosing an auditing company is a serious responsibility. Appointing an audit company that helps your company succeed by revealing fraud and control system flaws is essential. Most importantly, you should use a company that will make suggestions for fixing the problems found during the audit.

When it comes time to renew their trade license, businesses operating in Free Zones like Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA), Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA), Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), etc. are required to submit their audited financial statements to the relevant authority. They can get support from business advisory services for efficient audit performance.

The Company's Dissolution: Audited financial accounts must be submitted to regulatory authorities before the company's license is liquidated or revoked.

A Requirement From a Non-Party: Companies in the United Arab Emirates often require their lenders (including banks, investors, other financial institutions, and significant clients) to have their books of accounts audited by a certified public accountant.

The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology is in charge of the National In-Country Value (ICV) Programme. To qualify for this certificate, a company must have been in business for at least ten months. You can get assistance from business advisory services to apply. Organizations possessing this certification will have an advantage when contracts and tenders are given out.

Accounts receivable, goodwill, and fixed assets are impaired if future cash flows are expected to be less than their carrying value. Impairment happens when there's a shift in the law, a drop in the asset's market value (because of demand or damage), or the early sale of the asset. According to IFRS, the impairment of assets must be no more than the amount expected to be recouped. Thus, it is always best to get in touch with business advisory services.

Fortius Consulting Services is a trusted name for business consulting and CFO services in the UAE, Singapore and India. Through our expert consulting and advisory services,we assist organisations across the UAE & Asia to boost their profitability, improve operational effectiveness, increase management capability, institutionalise strategies, and upgrade their internal structures.


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