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UAE is the place to be if you want to watch your business dreams grow. Everything traders require to run their businesses and earn rich profits is right here in the UAE. In addition to its favourable economic policies and infrastructure, the country offers political stability and the most conducive trade policies.

Creating an organization in UAE's business-friendly economy involves a multistep process. Visas, trade licenses, local sponsors, and corporate bank accounts are just a few of the many must-haves you will need to fund your dream business in the UAE.

Here's where Fortius Consulting makes life easy for you. Whether big or small, we help you form your new company with the proper guidance and business expertise. With our collaboration, you can process all stages of a business establishment without a hitch. You can trust us to handle every aspect of your project, no matter how mundane or critical. Team Fortius is with you every step of the way!

Services We Offer

Fortius can assist you in setting up your businesses in the UAE and handling all the procedures on your behalf. Our services include:

Company Registration

To start a business in the UAE, you must choose the proper business structure. Fortius offers multiple "Company Registration" services for your convenience:

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Choosing the Business
Assisting you with selecting a professional business activity and determining your visa requirements to estimate the total cost of setting up your company.
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Choosing the Name
Verifying if your company name is valid for registration and alternatively providing ample options to choose from.
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Finalizing Incorporation Paperwork
Verifying all your registration documentation before submitting it to the government for licensing.
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Obtaining License Notification
Informing you as soon as we receive your company licence and handing over the original corporate documents to your team.
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Establishing An Account
Reviewing and submitting the paperwork required to open a corporate bank account in UAE's local or international banks.
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Processing Business Immigration Card
Depending on your package selection, we can also apply for a visa trade license via the immigration authority if you need one.
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Bank Account Services

Having a corporate bank account is one of the main prerequisites to starting a business in the UAE. The UAE Central Bank mandates several strict compliance procedures to be followed when opening a business bank account here. With our team's assistance, you will be guided through every stage of opening a bank account, such as:

Client assessment
Assessing your business operations, expected annual turnover and initial funds and recommending the most suitable bank to open your corporate account.
Liaising with the bank
Communicating with bank officials to complete additional requirements and provide them with any further information on your behalf.
Assisting you in collecting and preparing the documents required by the bank to open your account. The list may include the following:
  1. Company profile and incorporation documents.
  2. CVs and passport copies of shareholders.
  3. Shareholders' personal bank statements (for the past six months).
  4. Resident visa copy and Emirates ID.
  5. Ejari signatory A copy.

Guidance on Investment Modes & Entity Structures

The following forms can be used to register your new business in Dubai and other UAE emirates:
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Sole proprietorship
The UAE government permits sole proprietorship companies in the free zones and the mainland. Sole proprietorship companies have one shareholder who is entitled to all shares and all responsibilities.
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LLC company formation
A Limited Liability Company (LLC) requires at least two investors and shareholders whose legal responsibility will be limited to their share. You can form an LLC in a free zone or on the mainland.
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Branch Office
Branch offices represent foreign companies registered outside the UAE and are allowed to engage in non-trade activities of their parent companies.

PRO Services

Fortius’ services related to Public Relations Officers include all paperwork for professional document clearing, and governmental document processing.

The Fortius team takes care of a range of PRO services, such as:

  • Establishing the company's location.
  • Mainland, Freezone & offshore company formation.
  • Business license services.
  • Company Annual License Renewal.
  • License amendment.
  • Addition & removal of company activity.
  • Audit Report Arrangement
  • Adding & Removing partners.
  • Renewal, modification, and obtaining new labour cards.
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FAQs Business Incorporation & Banking Support Services

Business incorporation services can incorporate an offshore company without your physical presence. Although your presence is not initially required for incorporation in onshore countries and free zones, it will be necessary later. You will need to sign official incorporation documents with the UAE notary public. A power of attorney authenticated by an overseas UAE consulate or embassy can however help finish the process of company formation in the UAE without your presence.
Attestation from the appropriate UAE consulate or embassy in the country of document origin is necessary. This is particularly important when incorporation is done under business setup services. The next step is to have the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs authenticate these documents. After this, they can be used in legal proceedings.

You might need a sponsor for certain incorporation structures. You can seek Fortius Consulting which provides business incorporation services, in such instances. Local sponsors help businesses like yours in many ways. A sponsor's position and experience might be invaluable to a UAE-based company in a variety of contexts. Our in-depth understanding of the field and the area allows us to provide you with information customized to your requirements.

Some fields and geographical regions have specialized licensing requirements due to the nature of the work done there. You can consult with our business setup consultants offering business setup services to double-check the details.

Depending on the type of free zone entity being formed, the incorporation procedure done by a business setup consultant might take anywhere from five business days to six weeks. The first step is to file for a trademark. The next step is to obtain the necessary paperwork for your specific registration type and the licensing body.

Except for petroleum corporations and financial institutions, Dubai has no personal or corporate tax. Hence, people will owe the city relatively little in taxes. In case of any doubt, you can take the help of reliable business setup services like Fortius.

A corporation can be set up in a free zone, on the UAE mainland, or offshore. Establishing a business in the mainland UAE requires a local sponsor and a DED license. Companies based in a free zone can only conduct business within the boundaries outlined by that zone's governing body. You can set up an offshore company in the United Arab Emirates to conduct business outside the country. This will enable you to better protect your assets with business setup services. A certificate of incorporation, unlike a business license, is issued to offshore businesses. The Economic Department of the United Arab Emirates permits over a thousand different types of businesses to operate.

Incorporation in the UAE does necessitate an office. Bringing your company's headquarters to the United Arab Emirates can be done in a variety of ways, depending on your budget. In either case, Fortius business consulting services are here to advise you on where to set up your office.

Business license types in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), including Dubai, cater to different activities. The Commercial License suits trading enterprises, encompassing retail, wholesale, and import-export operations. Industrial Licenses are for manufacturers, while Professional Licenses apply to qualified individuals offering consultancy or medical care. Tourism Licenses are necessary for travel agencies and hotels, while Freelancer Licenses suit independent service providers. E-commerce, media, real estate, healthcare, education, logistics, event management, IT, and software licenses are available for specific sectors. Trading Licenses are like Commercial Licenses, while Food and Beverage Licenses pertain to the culinary industry. Seek guidance from legal experts for accurate, current information when pursuing a business license in Dubai.

Yes. Dubai stands as a prominent open trading hub due to its strategic location, modern infrastructure, and favorable business regulations. With free trade zones offering 100% foreign ownership and tax exemptions, Dubai attracts global investors. Jebel Ali Port, a major player in international trade, and business centers like Dubai World Trade Centre and Dubai International Financial Centre further enhance its reputation. This environment positions Dubai as an attractive destination for international trade and business activities.

Fortius Consulting Services is a trusted name for business consulting and CFO services in the UAE, Singapore and India. Through our expert consulting and advisory services,we assist organisations across the UAE & Asia to boost their profitability, improve operational effectiveness, increase management capability, institutionalise strategies, and upgrade their internal structures.


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