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Helping business entities understand the UAE tax policies, activities, and the legal complexities of tax payments.
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The UAE business landscape is witnessing major changes with the ushering of new and complex tax procedures, tax laws, and filing requirements. The introduction of VAT (Value Added Tax) in the UAE in 2018 has impacted several business scenarios. It has brought about changes in the supply-chain structure, the launching of new services, and the possibility of new business transactions. In addition, the UAE levies excise taxes on products deemed harmful to human health.

With our professional tax advisory team by your side, it is easier to deal with tax and related services, as we are one of the reliable Tax Advisory Firms in the UAE. Fortius provides complete tax-related support that is FTA-compliant. Our team provides relevant legal compliance advice based on an analysis of the current tax position of your business. Our tax experts bring added value to your business with our multi-pronged approach.

Services We Offer

Tax Planning services

Setting up a new business in the UAE and handling the taxes that accompany it is a critical decision that needs a strong foundation on the taxation laws and compliance requirements of the land. Fortius' tax planning services enable you to gain a strong foothold on the impact of taxes on your business while entering new markets or expanding within an existing market.

Our services include:

  • Federal & state tax return compliance
  • Uncertain Tax Position ("UTP") Disclosure
  • Review of tax controls
  • Review of annual and quarterly income tax provisions
  • Determining the right tax software solution for your system
  • Configuring tax automation
  • Identifying the right tax compliance software
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Excise Tax Consulting

With Fortius, you get excellent excise tax advisory services and compliance assurance with the UAE's tax laws. We help you navigate the UAE's complex excise tax processes, such as:

  • Registration for excise tax
  • Identification of excise goods
  • Monthly excise tax returns
  • Excise tax consultancy
  • Excise tax compliance system
  • Stockpiling and inventory counting
  • Duty calculation advice
  • Excise tax refunds
  • Deregistration from excise tax

Corporate Tax Consulting

UAE's corporate taxes need expert guidance because it requires the collaboration of your stakeholders and other business departments. A corporate tax (CT) is a direct tax imposed on corporations and other businesses on their net income or profits.

Fortius will support you with:

  • Post-Implementation in TP policies, legal and capital structuring & tax function.
  • CT registrations for tax groups & preparation and submission of CT returns.
  • High-level impact assessment of Corporate Tax (CT) and Transfer Pricing (TP).
  • Detailed analysis of the impact of UAE CT and TP on the business.
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International / Cross Border Taxation

The UAE is the gateway for cross-border business transactions between the Asia Pacific and Europe. Fortius has a team of expert tax professionals and consultants with extensive experience in various tax regimes in the UAE and GCC.

Our international tax services include:

  • New businesses initiations
  • International tax planning for entities
  • Cross-border transaction analysis
  • Global tax compliance management
  • Transfer Pricing compliance
  • Expanding business into a new jurisdiction
  • International level advisory service
  • Double taxation analysis for each jurisdiction
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Indirect Taxation

Indirect tax is levied upon goods and services before they reach the end users, who pay the tax when they purchase the same. OECD's recent study reveals that indirect taxes generate about 32% of the revenue from its member countries. All indirect taxes like VAT, GST, per unit, sales, and excise require extra care.

Fortius take care of your indirect taxation with these services:

  • VAT Advisory Service
  • VAT Return Filing Service
  • VAT Registration
  • VAT Deregistration
  • VAT Training
  • VAT Transaction Advisory
Our in-house professionals also assist you with:
  • Excise Tax
  • Registering with the Federal Tax Authority
  • Filing of Monthly Returns
  • Providing advisory service compliant with UAE Excise Tax Law

Tax Auditing

Fortius serves as a guiding light for many clients in the UAE to ensure VAT compliance with the VAT laws and that their tax liabilities are correctly assessed and paid on time. We also render timely advice on transactions and help resolve tax issues with minimum hassles. Our team will also represent your business at the FTA.

Our VAT audit reviews help you:

  • Understand and address the reasons for non-compliance.
  • Identify pain points and assure the accuracy of taxes remitted.
  • Determine the weakness of your tax system.
  • Create a compliant tax system to make auditing easy.
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FAQs on Tax Advisory and Planning Services

Products deemed hazardous to the environment or human health are subject to excise taxes in the United Arab Emirates. Keeping up with excise tax regulations can be a hassle, but with our help, you can stay in compliance and keep your costs down. Expertise in excise tax requirements, accurate registration, determining which products are covered by an excise tax, and effective management of excise tax liabilities are all areas in which tax planning services may assist firms in meeting excise tax standards. We can also help you develop and implement a plan to reduce your excise tax obligations.
Penalties, interest, and criminal prosecution may result from a company's failure to comply with UAE corporate tax legislation. Companies should get help from tax planning and advisory services to stay in compliance and avoid fines.

The need for businesses to employ tax accountants has grown alongside the expansion of regulations mandating accurate bookkeeping. When the FTA conducts a tax audit, the tax planning services are there to help with the timely submission of VAT returns and to keep the books open and honest. Fortius tax planning and advisory services provide specialized services adapted to each company based on the nature of its operations. We also make sure that our clients' solutions and projects are delivered to them on time. Our global client base includes a wide variety of successful companies.

To guarantee accordance with local tax rules and regulations, firms should carefully evaluate an effective strategy for tax compliance and implement the appropriate accounting systems and procedures. Tax planning services have set up a digital compliance platform to facilitate and aid firms in their filing procedure.

The five fundamental steps of tax accounting with the help of tax planning services are:
• Gathering information on a company's suppliers and customers
• Assigning a tax code to each transaction
• Processing the purchase and sales accounting entries
• Keeping an eye on the general ledger
• Reporting tax information to upper management

Tax planning services will assist businesses in getting their excise tax number. Businesses that need an excise tax number are:
1. Importers of regulated items into the UAE
2. Manufacturers and distributers of excise items for use within the UAE
3. Those that need to store goods within the UAE on rare occasions
4. Those that employ a warehouse manager to oversee a specific warehouse or zone

A tax consultant from renowned tax planning services in UAE may aid your company in three ways:
1. Determining whether a transaction is taxable
2. Ensuring compliance with UAE VAT laws
3. Providing guidance and support for tax planning

The FTA will do a tax audit to check for compliance with UAE VAT regulations and laws and to ensure that all tax obligations are being met on schedule. During a tax audit in the United Arab Emirates, the relevant authorities collect
• Details about the company's operations
• Financial documents such as invoices and other receipts
Tax planning and advisory services can assist you in explaining the deals you made and speed up the audit process.

Fortius Consulting Services is a trusted name for business consulting and CFO services in the UAE, Singapore and India. Through our expert consulting and advisory services,we assist organisations across the UAE & Asia to boost their profitability, improve operational effectiveness, increase management capability, institutionalise strategies, and upgrade their internal structures.


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