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You can rely on us to help you register and file your returns for Value Added Tax (VAT) on time.
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The introduction of VAT in the UAE has enforced consistent accounting practices, making it easier for businesses to consolidate and maintain the tax regime. Henceforth, businesses are required to appropriately record all financial transactions, invoices, and cash outflows to remain compliant with the new tax laws and to file their VAT returns on time.

Now is the time to decide wisely and hire Fortius to handle your VAT requirements. Our team of VAT consultants are some of the best in Dubai and the UAE. We are highly qualified and professionally equipped to guide you through the intricate VAT-related tax and accounting processes per FTA or the Federal Tax Authority laws.

Besides understanding your business, we will also determine how VAT will impact your business in the future. You can rely on our VAT experts to help your organisation run smoothly with our authentic and reliable VAT services.

Our Services

Staying compliant with the tax laws of the land is a mandatory requirement for any business. As tax service providers, we at Fortius understand and cater to our clients' diverse requirements when they enter the tax threshold.

Our VAT services in the UAE cover all provisions such as:

VAT Consultancy

Providing VAT consultation is essential to our services since it allows us to comprehend your organisational workflow, VAT inputs and outputs, supply volume, and the rates and exemptions you are likely to face. Our VAT consultancy services also include:
  • Assessment of your record-keeping capacity
  • Guidance for tax ability transactions
  • Advisory services  as per your specifications
  • Draft modifications for business processes
  • Analyse VAT obligation for the current accounting structures
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VAT Registration

Are you unsure about registering your business for VAT? The VAT registration process is mandatory or voluntary, depending on the thresholds set for taxable supplies and imports. We shall help analyse if your business fulfils these criteria and sort out the procedural formalities.

For VAT registration, our team will:

  • Identify your company activities subject to VAT registration as taxable supplies.
  • Undertake independent examination of tax records and accounts.
  • Enlist for registration before the deadline to avoid penalties.

Want reliable guidance with VAT? Get our experts on board. Sit back and relax while we take care of it all!

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VAT Implementation

VAT has brought on a major overhaul of UAE's taxation systems, signalling the necessity for procedural compliance for all your financial endeavours. Our team will analyse all your business segments related to VAT regulations for compliance.

Our VAT implementation services include:

  • Generation of VAT return files
  • Analysis of your VAT outputs and inputs capacity
  • Analysis of FTA audit files in the approved format
  • Review of VAT impact on your income
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VAT Accounting

VAT accounting involves multiple procedures, like having your financial records entered into a system or preparing them for taxes. In short, there's a lot that requires internal handling with VAT accounting, which can be quite a struggle when VAT nuances are new to you.

Allow us to handle your:

  • Record maintenance to file VAT returns for your business transactions
  • Accounting and VAT compliance concerns for business processes
  • VAT accounting and reporting without compromising operational costs

VAT Return Filing

Plagued with penalties for late VAT return filing? Hire Fortius and say goodbye to such hassles! Depending on your turnover, we shall handle your VAT return filing, a monthly or quarterly mandatory necessity for all businesses.

In addition to filing the VAT return form, we offer the following services:

  • Rendering guidance to reconcile input VAT and output VAT
  • Maintaining a proper accounts system to generate accurate tax figures
  • Ensuring computation of tax liability and compliance with VAT laws
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FAQs on VAT Services

Designated Zones are the Free Zones that appear on a Cabinet Decision and are eligible for preferential VAT treatment provided certain conditions are met. Designated Zones exempt supplies of commodities from UAE VAT, requiring stringent standards and extensive record keeping, which is advantageous for enterprises operating in these areas. VAT registration services will be of great aid to them. However, the UAE VAT laws apply to services provided.
Yes. Even though your annual sales are small, as a non-resident selling items to a consumer in the UAE, you must register for VAT. The VAT registration limit for a foreign company selling goods in the UAE is zero. When you first begin making your sales in the UAE, VAT registration becomes active, and hiring VAT implementation services will help you through the entire process.

In most cases, value-added tax will apply to governmental suppliers, and it is best to hire VAT implementation services for better assistance. This will prevent government agencies from enjoying preferential treatment over private companies. However, if a government agency is not in direct rivalry with a private company or is the sole supplier of a particular service, the service will be exempt from VAT. Some government agencies can get their VAT back. The supply itself, not the government agency receiving it, will determine how the supply is handled. Supplying a government agency would not change the treatment even if the supply is included in the standard rate.

Regularly, within 28 days after the end of the tax period, taxable individuals or companies have to file VAT with the FTA. All tax returns must be submitted electronically using e-Services, and hiring VAT registration services will be of great help.

VAT refunds shall be issued after the application has been received and verified, with an emphasis on preventing fraud. By getting in touch with VAT implementation services, you will gain a sound knowledge of everything about VAT.

In the United Arab Emirates, value-added tax (VAT) has confused businesses; thus, hiring VAT registration services is recommended. Businesses frequently employ discounts as a means of luring in new clients. A discount is defined as a price cut. Discounted rates in UAE will be subject to VAT as per the FTA.

Fortius VAT implementation services offer a VAT health check to help companies in the UAE avoid fines from the Federal Tax Authority. It reduces the potential for the business to become overly dependent on its current methods of operation. A VAT assessment will help your company run efficiently. Fortius VAT implementation services examine your company's prior VAT filings and, in the event of any discrepancies, will propose and recommend solutions.

Exemption from VAT registration applies when all your supplies are zero-rated. Meeting this criterion might qualify you for an exception to VAT registration. Consequently, quarterly VAT returns could be waived. Regardless of your tax registration status, maintaining proper commercial accounting records remains mandatory even if you are exempt.

UAE's VAT Decree Law No. 18 of 2022 introduces significant changes effective from January 1, 2023. These include extending the statute of limitations for audits, introducing time limits for tax invoices and credit notes, addressing domestic reverse charge, related party supply valuation, and input tax recovery documentation. UAE businesses must evaluate these changes' impact on operations and historical tax positions, ensuring readiness for the new regulations by 2023.

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