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Reliable CFO services are a growing need in the dynamic and flourishing UAE market. The need for professional fund management, keen financial reporting, cashflow and budgeting oversight, effective business communication, and the successful implementation of systems and controls is vital to every large-scale business enterprise. While small and medium business owners may not have the need or the resources for full-time CFO engagement, they are critical to the optimal streamlining of business functions for maximum productivity for large-scale businesses.

With our financial experts at Fortius Consulting Services, you will be engaging the best professionals in the industry. We help you identify your biggest risks and opportunities for growth and put you on the roadmap to ultimate financial health in your business. Thanks to our impeccable and transparent service record, impressive experience and field knowledge, we have emerged as one of UAE's most sought-after CFO Services.

Our CFO Services

As a comprehensive CFO services provider, Fortius provides an impressive range of services we can customise for the client's needs. Our services include:

Virtual CFO/ Outsourced CFO

Fortius provides Virtual CFO or outsourced CFO services as functional higher management financial advisors to entrepreneurial businesses, SMBs, and even large-scale corporates who require budgeted financial advice partnerships for overall business process improvements. We offer financial expertise and functional help in optimizing your financial operations and reducing costs.

Our virtual CFOs will perform the role of strategic partners who work to improve overall company performance. They will be a part of your Senior Management team. Our services are custom-built for each of our clients and aim to achieve immediate results in company performance. Some major benefits of Fortius outsourced CFO functions include cost-saving and setting-up of internal control measures, timely financial reporting, managing cash flow efficiently, and developing a reliable and expert team of accountants.

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Fortius Virtual CFO Roles:

  • Be the knowledgeable and experienced link with the bank for all financial operations
  • An experienced overseer and guide for the client's Accounting team, giving directions about what tasks to perform at each stage of company operations
  • A primary and mandatory task is bringing structure to the company's transactions and getting the client bank-ready
  • Perform management support functions such as addressing common business challenges to financial management operations
  • Prepare/review and deliver an annual budget regularly
  • Draft and implement SOP
  • Analyse client financial data and prepare MIS reports
  • Provide support and expert-insight advice to top management as required
  • Handle working capital to ensure covenants
  • Ensure effective risk management

Build a reliable finance function for your business. Discover how our CFO services can help.

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Interim CFO

Companies who are going through transitional periods, phases of crises, or interims before they successfully hire an in-house CFO can avail of our interim CFO services. Within this role, Fortius will undertake support management in the company's financial, risk management, and administrative operations. Specific functions could include strategizing for operational and financial fluidity and the design, implementation, and management of protective control measures for company assets. Finally, you will receive periodic reports of company financial results with expert-insight analysis and review aimed at improvement of operational efficiency.

Fortius Interim CFO Roles:

  • Financial strategy formulation and monitoring of the accounting department
  • Guidance in internal control set-up process development
  • Support in analysis of pre-costing and post-costing
  • Review of management of capital and cash flow
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FAQs on CFO Services

Look for a business consulting and CFO services provider that has worked with businesses like yours and has a history of success in your industry. Finding a service provider whose offerings can be tailored to your unique requirements and financial constraints is also crucial.
Financial laws and regulations in the UAE might be challenging, but CFO consulting services can help. Financial reporting, accounting practices, and tax regulations are all spheres where a CFO might offer advice.

We have summarized the four essential aspects of sound financial management in any prosperous firm.

  1.  Do you have access to reliable monthly financial reports?
  2.  Are you keeping tabs on your financial requirements and outgoings?
  3. Have you established a practical budget to ensure the ongoing monitoring of expected performance and the ability to redirect resources in response to emerging issues or unforeseen circumstances?
  4. Do you currently have a feasible spending plan to track performance against goals and adjust course as needed to accommodate novel or unforeseen challenges? When making significant investments like recruiting additional personnel, opening a new warehouse, or buying new equipment, are you aware of the potential downsides? Have you thought of a contingency?

If your answer is 'No' to any of them, it's time to hire experienced CFO services.

A Chief Financial Officer provides part-time or project-based financial strategy services. Challenges like cash flow, acquiring money, managing tight margins, establishing more efficient systems, and planning for growth are all areas where an outsourced CFO can be of assistance.

Financial difficulty and crisis management are not new for outsourced CFO services. Our expertise in business turnaround will help you zero in on the causes of the problem, understand the company's cash flow and cash position, create and implement a turnaround strategy, and build support among key stakeholders (bank partners, creditors, suppliers, legal counsel, customers, etc.). For large and small businesses, public and private, we offer comprehensive accounting services and financial management at the executive level.

Our outsourced CFO services are flexible enough to meet the accounting requirements of any type of business, from wholesalers to manufacturers. Companies of all sizes, from small business owners to those with a thousand or more staff, might gain from hiring an outside firm to handle their books. Feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have any other questions.

Virtual CFO services have seasoned experts in managing money. An in-house CFO often has the experience they can draw upon from their jobs. To seek an accountant for help with strategic planning and financial management is similar to requesting an architect to take on the role of a contractor for your business. We're more than just a business that hires outside firms to handle its books. When hired, we become an integral part of the teams. You are not making a single hire. Our entire team is available for hire.

At Fortius Consultancy Services, our team have experienced credentials that certain businesses look for in prospective employees. Our decentralized structure allows us to recruit top talent from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, our team has an in-depth understanding of the process; they know how to approach projects, complete them, and keep to their schedules.

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) has extensive accounting education and experience, with an emphasis on tax preparation and counseling. Your CPA has a moral obligation to keep themselves separate from the operations of your business. In addition, CPAs work independently, so they may not be well-versed in your company's internal operations. Interim CFOs help a corporation in its day-to-day operations, including marketing, sales, employee relations, and development, while keeping an eye on the company's long-term goals. We have extensive first-hand knowledge in several crucial areas, including strategic management, employee growth, expense reduction, and business planning, with experiences as full-time CFO. We won't take over the role of the CPA; however, we will be a helpful resource by giving the data they need in the form they're used to receiving it.

Most businesses, whether for-profit or non-profit, new or established, technological or consumer-focused, will benefit from interim CFO services. It does not depend on the size of the organization. It could be too risky and expensive to hire a permanent CFO with the necessary expertise, who would demand a salary of at least six figures per year. Realizing your full potential is what really matters. That involves maximizing revenue streams, cutting costs as much as possible, and reducing risks for a more prosperous business. Gain access to top-tier financial knowledge without making a long-term commitment or taking on unnecessary risk by hiring a temporary CFO.

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Fortius Consulting · CFO services - Fortius Consulting
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