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Business Consulting & CFO Services in UAE and Asia

Reshaping UAE businesses with our practical, lucrative, cost-effective solutions designed to fulfil your requirements.
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Fortius is one of the most respectable and trustworthy consulting firms providing top-notch Business Consulting and CFO Services for businesses across Dubai and the UAE.

Fortius - Helping Businesses Flourish in the UAE and Asia

We collaborate with you and help you rethink, review and reshape your business strategies and support you in establishing your business within the Middle East community.

"At Fortius, Quality trumps everything else. Expertise & experience, trusted advice, and commitment to success - Values that define Fortius!"

We understand the implications of our decisions on your business. This is why we adopt an inclusive approach to ensure our strategies consider every element of your business.

  • Tailored guidance
  • Qualified professionals
  • Innovative Business Solutions
  • Timely assistance
  • Customer-centric solutions
  • Consistent and high-quality standards

Areas of Expertise

CFO Services
At Fortius, we deliver full-time, virtual or interim CFO services. Our CFO services in the UAE involve assiduous planning that helps you navigate financial obstacles like excessive expansion or cash-flow challenges. We also create advanced predictions and programs to help you breeze through audits or achieve business targets like strategic exits or Initial Public Offerings.
Tax Planning
Backed by our cross-border experience and knowledge of the local taxes in the UAE, Fortius offers reliable and comprehensive tax planning and advisory services for your business. This includes advice on corporate tax , VAT and filing compliances. Fortius also advice on merger and acquisition, business setup and new investments.
Business Advisory
Fortius Business Advisory Services give you the support system you need to optimise your business strategies in the most adverse circumstances. The services are offered by a team of highly qualified experts who strive to provide tailored solutions in tandem with your organisation's values. Become smarter competitors, creative strategists, and agile business operators with Fortius.
Management Consulting
Are you a new entrant to the business market? Our team will back you up with appropriate game plans empowering you to launch branches, joint ventures, and subsidiaries. We help you find your footing in the new environment including mainland, freezone, and offshore locations, create more profitable avenues, asset management and establish your business as a name to reckon with.
Professionals and financial data analysis
Fortius is reputed for its intuitive consultation services, innovative methodologies, and insightful understanding of your long-term vision.
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Get unique business solutions and reliable advice from expert consultants in the UAE.

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Building Trust Through Excellence

Why Choose Us?

Simple! We know the UAE business atmosphere in the current environment. We have been providing unwavering support and guidance for organisations in the UAE, unleashing our creative thinking and strategic excellence to hoist their name to new heights. Ours is a diligent team that's truly invested in delivering consulting services to help you realise your potential. In short, we give you more than just advice.

We Deliver Results!

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We help you see the bigger picture, focus on the opportunities behind the challenges, make clear-cut decisions, and imagine new possibilities.
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By balancing sustainability with certainty, we drive companies forward through our reliable business processes and credible expertise.
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We pride ourselves in our ability to provide business advisory services firmly grounded in facts and empirical evidence.
Fortius Consulting · business consulting and cfo services - Fortius Consulting
Fortius Consulting · business consulting and cfo services - Fortius Consulting

FAQs on Business Consulting & CFO Services

Yes, business consulting and CFO services are crucial for small organizations with trouble managing their cash flow over the long term. In addition to preparing financial statements, CFOs can provide advisory services to help businesses grow, assist with budgeting and forecasting, and more. If you need to approach financial institutions like banks, VC firms, lenders, and investors in order to secure funding, then CFO services are precisely what you need.
The business consulting and CFO services can assist with a wide variety of financial tasks, including but not limited to analyzing reports to determine operational efficiency; offering objective audit support; developing regular, customized reports; keeping tabs on data generation; drawing conclusions based on that information; and so on. A CFO's job is to prepare the organization for economic situations.

If you're starting a business, it can be tough to keep track of everything that needs to be done. Hiring business consulting and CFO services offers relief with financial strategy insights. We provide data analysis, business process optimization, departmental collaboration, risk reduction, and an appreciation for growth opportunities.

Various business consulting and CFO services, such as financial planning, cash flow management, financial reporting, budgeting, and risk management, are offered in the United Arab Emirates.

The rules of property ownership are the most notable things to consider. Either the mainland or a free zone would be suitable for your business. Settling on the mainland requires a local sponsor who is a citizen of the United Arab Emirates. This indicates that a trading company must have at least fifty-one percent local sponsorship. However, the sponsor may grant you the power of attorney in order to keep themselves out of the business's daily operations and potential profit distributions. An investor can have complete control of a professional firm yet need the assistance of business consulting firms.

To schedule a consultation, please contact our business consultant company by phone or email.

No matter how large or small, businesses can avoid the need for a Public Relations Officer so long as it engages in regulatory activities and gets guidance from business consulting firms. A company's PRO/Public Relations Officer works closely with regulatory bodies on the company's behalf. A PRO is someone who handles the paperwork and documents for an organization on a regular basis. In addition, he can aid your company in dealing with any government agency, no matter how complex the process is.

Get help from business consulting firms depending on the nature of your enterprise, and you may need one of three distinct licenses. They include:
1. A valid business license if you run a store or other commercial enterprise.
2. A valid license to practice your chosen profession.
3. The industrial license is required if your company is engaged in manufacturing or industrial activities.

Business consulting firms' greatest influence is in developing businesses and organizations. Our job is to help organizations expand quickly and effectively. We provide mergers and acquisitions consulting services by combining strategy, expertise, industry best practices, and global coaching approaches.

In the United Arab Emirates, you can set up an onshore or offshore company for virtually any industry in over thirty Free Trade Zones. To avoid making a big mistake that could cost you a lot of money, you should know why you're forming an FTZ in the first place. A business consultant company can handle various difficulties that arise during a company's operations (including its renewal) that require visits to the appropriate authorities. Even if you are able to save money by forgoing the assistance of a consulting firm, there is a greater chance that you will make a decision that is not optimal in terms of the company's license type, permissible activities, visa requirements, and other costs. There is a greater possibility that you might have to pay much more and face some unforeseen concerns and obstacles if you choose this route.

There is no personal income tax in the UAE. Only financial institutions and businesses directly involved in the oil and tourism industries are subject to a tax on corporate profits. Businesses in the UAE FTZs are exempt from paying corporate income tax. Wage payments are free of any charges.VAT is UAE's new source of income to provide high-quality public services. Along with the points mentioned above, businesses have drastically cut down on paperwork related to billing, completion certificates, reporting to various organizations, etc. Contact Fortius Consulting for VAT implementation services, tax planning and advisory services, audits, and more.