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Business Consulting Services in the UAE

We specialise in restructuring businesses with strategies tailored for your long-standing success and progress.
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The UAE is a promising launchpad for business ventures, big and small. Its strategic location between the West and the East, world-renowned infrastructure, and attractive tax-free economy make it the perfect location to initiate new businesses.

While venturing into unchartered business territories, all new enterprises need a guiding hand to steer them through the uncertainties of the new market. And here's where Fortius steps in. Our goal is to scaffold new ventures with the right business structure and entrepreneurial capital to help them find their niche in UAE.

When it comes to business consulting, we are at the top of our game. We take care of everything- from delivering well-structured strategies, establishing branches, and wholly-owned subsidiaries, organizing joint ventures, licensing and franchising arrangements, to managing basic export operations. All our solutions are customized to help clients set up their business seamlessly.

To summarise, we envision, inspire, and transform your business!

Our Services

Our business consultancy services target three aspects: Maximize profitability, expand your business footprint, and establish a sound reputation. Our solid understanding of the UAE's business ecosystem enables us to offer services such as:
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Strategic planning and timely execution of business models
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Developing blueprints based on customer insights
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Creating operating models and governance framework designs
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Monitoring business planning and performance
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Operational Process Excellence

Backed by a proven Change Management methodology, our Operational Excellence Framework plans procedures that align with your organizational workflows. Our continuous improvement methodologies help our clients plan incremental improvement year after year.

Our Operational Excellence Framework helps business leaders address fundamental questions, like:

  • How can we enhance customer satisfaction?
  • How can we improve our bottom line?
  • What do we require for agile, sustainable growth?
  • Do we have a way to guarantee tangible improvements?
  • How to measure the success of an action plan while enlisting contributors?
  • How to embed the necessary changes into our culture and everyday practices?

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Enterprise Portfolio & Program Management

At Fortius, we do not give you complex strategies that fail to deliver as promised. Our Program Management plans are simple but profoundly result-oriented. We work with you to make better decisions, power through tricky problems, enable innovation, and implement ground-breaking initiatives with enhanced agility and confidence.

Our team:

  • Uses tools and best practices to enable successful program implementation
  • Ensures alignment of our program with maximum investment returns
  • Implements processes to prioritise opportunities based on data
  • Analyses the underlying health of a specific program or portfolio
  • Applies professional management rigor to manage consistent change
  • Utilizes tools to gain insights and visibility for program optimization
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ERP Implementations

Scale new heights with Fortius Consulting's Enterprise Resource Planning- solutions created to empower you with real-time insights into accounting, manufacturing, human resources, and supply chain. We establish the perfect synergy between your business and IT team to leverage ERP solutions to help you gain a consistent ROI.

Partnering with Fortius gives you:

  • Cost-free assessment based on Oracle, NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Implementation of affordable solutions for organizational requirements
  • Revision of manual controls like signatures, invoices, quotes, and approvals

IT Consulting Services

New businesses are vulnerable to cyberattacks from hackers with malicious intent. The lack of sufficient IT security and infrastructural knowledge can dent your financial stability and reputation. Fortius Consulting steps in with a full suite of robust IT Consulting Services.

We give you:

  • Feasible, result-oriented IT strategies tailored for your business
  • Fortification with the latest cybersecurity tools to protect against data theft
  • Comprehensive assessment and improvement plans
  • Integrating the latest IT tools and software for better business efficiency
  • Advanced IT solutions for cloud advancement, data insights, and applications
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FAQs on Business Consulting Services

Our business consulting services are adaptable, specific, and modular, making them suitable for a wide range of problems. We tailor a solution to your needs by combining our organizational structure, business process management, educational technology, and training expertise.
During the preliminary consultations with business consultants, a project scope is decided based on the business's objectives, difficulties, and scale. We advise beginning any complicated business challenge or business client with an assessment phase. We'll be able to properly identify and prioritize everything and craft the optimal solution to achieve your objectives.

To satisfy our customers, Fortius business consulting services are prepared to go the extra mile. We work with customers to provide the requested service by the agreed-upon deadline. However, spending much time on business planning, marketing strategies, and market research is essential. More extended periods may be needed for more complex projects to guarantee the quality and precision vital to their success.

The IT audit team of Fortius business consulting services consists of highly skilled and experienced individuals who will examine your company's present IT systems. Your company will receive advice on how to improve its IT infrastructure using cutting-edge technologies and methods.

If you need assistance determining which option will best serve your company's needs while still staying within your projected budget, our experts are here to assist you. If your business falls into the SME category, you won't require every module and add-on feature. In order to help you choose the finest software and its modules, Fortius business consulting services will first do an initial system assessment, thoroughly understand your requirements, and compare available software.

Fortius business consulting services can assist you with migrating data from your dated ERP system to a modern ERP system with enterprise-grade safety and support. We can help you select the best cloud hosting service, organize your data, create backups, and verify the transferred solution's efficacy.

Fortius business consulting services help ensure data integrity & classification, prevent/detect unauthorized changes, and reduce data tampering, loss, or leakage risks. We assess your company's ability to protect its information assets and understand your organization's key technology risks.

Fortius Consulting Services is a trusted name for business consulting and CFO services in the UAE, Singapore and India. Through our expert consulting and advisory services,we assist organisations across the UAE & Asia to boost their profitability, improve operational effectiveness, increase management capability, institutionalise strategies, and upgrade their internal structures.


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