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Why & When Do Companies Restructure Their Business?

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The corporate restructuring may be performed by the need to change the company's current state or business model or by the basic requirement to make financial modifications to its liabilities and assets. Let us see when companies think about restructuring with the help of business advisory services.

A Brief on Restructuring Firms With Business Advisory Services

Excellent planning is crucial regardless of the purpose of a company's restructuring. The length of time it takes to complete a company restructuring procedure can vary depending on how the restructuring is responsive, such as when court proceedings demand a company to make clear and specific changes within a certain time frame or recognize a shift in consumer tastes and want to place their company to be a market leader in the future. It is critical to seek the advice of a skilled professional during the planning stage to guarantee a successful restructuring.

Restructuring Procedure- Stages Involved & Benefits

The restructuring process is divided into four stages:

  • Identifying weaknesses and developing detailed long-term strategies to correct these flaws through a restructure
  • Applying appropriate short-term corrective action
  • Calculating and raising funds
  • Evaluating results

Companies frequently do not provide sufficient time for preparing and carrying out restructures. Details about vendors, customers, shareholders, employees, inventory, quality control, environmental impact, equipment, technology, marketing, and management are all part of a restructuring process. To ascertain how business restructuring will impact each of these areas, deep consideration must be given to all of them.

There are numerous benefits to restructuring a company. Some financial benefits include reviving a failing business, increasing the value of a company, and gearing it for transfer or sale to another firm. Other advantages include the following:

  • Gaining a competitive edge, such as assisting a company in aligning itself for development.
  • Permitting the acquisition of new accounts.
  • Allowing for geographical expansion.

However, two words summarize the upsides of corporate restructuring: progress and survival.

For more than a decade, Fortius Consulting Services has provided business consulting and CFO services to companies in the UAE, Singapore, and India. Whether you are facing excessive expansion or cash-flow difficulties, we can help you navigate financial obstacles through assiduous planning. Similarly, we create advanced marketing and sales predictions to help you succeed in audits or IPOs.

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Reasons Why Restructuring Happens With the Help of Business Advisory Services

The following are the primary reasons why companies consider restructuring:

Financial Problems 

If the company's trends have been unpredictable for a long time and are not aligned with its goals, it is time for restructuring. Restructuring is a costly proposition, and it is ideal for carrying it out when it is a necessity or a requirement; otherwise, it is meaningless and leads to confusion and increased costs, which can lead to bankruptcy. Furthermore, most businesses prefer restructuring at the last minute, which causes a company to fall.

Excessive Debt 

Businesses often have too many debts and keep borrowing funds to protect the business that is on the verge of failing. Debts are meaningless unless you strategize and control the areas that require leverage. It is also essential to keep debt ratios under control.

Changing Industries 

Monitor the market for your products as well as the economic situation. Prepare a business continuity strategy to cope with slow economic circumstances. Make use of the lagging and leading indicators to make future plans before the crisis occurs.
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Acquisitions, Consolidations & Mergers 

These are scenarios in which business restructuring is contemplated. M&A structures vary depending on the relationship existing between the companies involved. When one company buys a majority stake in some other firm, the other firm generally keeps its designation and legal structure. Consolidation leads to the creation of a completely new company, with both companies' stockholders approving the consolidation and receiving common shareholdings in the newly formed entity. Thus, business restructuring may be essential whenever a merger, consolidation, or acquisition happens.

Spin-offs and Divestment 

Divestment is just the method of disposing of some of a company's assets for a variety of reasons, while spin-offs are the method of turning a subsidiary into a new company.

Establish a Tax-efficient Business Structure 

Several businesses are considering business restructuring in order to capitalize on the new tax policy. Your financial advisor must advise you on how to decrease your tax obligations by utilizing existing policies and tax-saving options.

Long Term Planning 

When leadership roles in family businesses are passed on to the next generation to the next, the incoming and outgoing leaders must consider restructuring because their ideas may be conflicting or diverse. They debate and create a new structure focused on the outgoing leader's knowledge and experience as well as the incoming leader's plans and ideas. The other common reasons for restructuring in recent pandemic times have been:

  • A shift in the executing team
  • Intentions to enter a new industry
  • Moves to reorganize operations and debt
  • Filing bankruptcy under court supervision

Before restructuring, determine whether the problem requires operational-specific or complete business restructuring at the organizational level. Often, shrinking revenues or identifying shortfalls are inadequate reasons for a business to be restructured. It is critical to seek advice from a specialist before considering restructuring because it involves significant time, cost, and expenses.

If management is constantly discussing business restructuring, obtaining an expert's opinion on concept evaluation, implementation plan, and business solutions is critical before proceeding with or halting the restructuring plan. Before recommending personalized solutions, the expert should thoroughly know the existing processes and previous achievements.

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Wrap Up

Corporate restructuring has had a little positive impact on organizations, employees, and the national economy as a result of divestiture, bankruptcy, and retrenchment. It has also failed to have a long-term positive effect on those who remain after restructuring. In most cases, the percentage of businesses that survive and are capable of engaging in sustainability and profitability is small, and they end up disassociating a part or all of the organization.

It is crucial to remember that any bad impact on employees will have a knock-on effect on organizational efficiency and profitability. Companies with a large number of workers will make a more significant impact, even to global and national effects, due to retrenchments, bankruptcy, and divestitures. As a result, we can conclude that more research is needed to develop a restructuring model to ensure a justifiable process that brings about better corporate sustainability and economic equity. Get in touch with Fortius Consulting Services, one of the best business consulting services in UAE, if you are looking for restructuring services.

Fortius Consulting Services is a trusted name for business consulting and CFO services in the UAE, Singapore and India. Through our expert consulting and advisory services,we assist organisations across the UAE & Asia to boost their profitability, improve operational effectiveness, increase management capability, institutionalise strategies, and upgrade their internal structures.


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