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Everything you should know about corporate tax services in the UAE

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The business environment in the UAE is teeming with new prospects and investments, and the potential for expansion is greater than it has ever been. The most recent data from the UAE's national economic register, which was collected in July 2022, reveals that the overall number of active enterprises in the country has increased by 1.9% in comparison to the number of firms that were operational in the years that came before. According to the data records, approximately 80 percent of the licenced businesses are located in Sharjah, and UAE. Of these three emirates, Dubai has the biggest chunk of the licenced businesses in the nation, which accounts for an astounding 46 percent of the permitted businesses.

Therefore, Sharjah is responsible for 14% of all licenced firms, whereas Abu Dhabi is involved in 23% of all licenced enterprises.The United Arab Emirates has finally enacted its long-awaited corporation tax bill, which will go into effect in 2023. The United Arab Emirates has finally enacted its long-awaited corporation tax bill, which will go into effect in 2023. Therefore, you should be ready to file corporate tax service in order to ensure the smooth operation of your firm.

According to the statistics from the UAE's national economic register, limited liability corporations account for forty percent of the firms that have been established, while individual companies added up to thirty-three percent. In addition, between 80 and 85 percent of the active firms that are registered in the UAE are classified as micro, or small, and mid sized enterprises.

How do businesses react to changes in new corporate tax in UAE?

With the introduction of new visa policies and other changes, the government of the Emirates (UAE) has attracted a greater number of foreign enterprises and investors, who have subsequently helped to boost the country's tax. Without a shadow of a doubt, the nation is rapidly becoming a hub for commercial activity on the world stage. The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has declared that, beginning in June 2023, a 9 percent corporation tax would be levied. It is anticipated that the country's business community would be significantly impacted by the new corporation tax.

According to the requirements, corporate firms in the UAE are anticipated to make preparations, provide all accounting audit reports, and file tax returns with the federal Tax authority of the UAE. The UAE's 9% corporate tax was announced for the first time on Jan 31, 2022, and its tax will go into effect in June 2023. This allows for sufficient time for all concerned firms to implement the necessary improvements. You should first examine the demography of the business market in the UAE before attempting to determine how this would impact the nation.

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Who is eligible to pay the UAE corporate tax?

  • The proposed 9 percent corporation tax should be paid by businesses with a net profit of more than 3,75,000 UAE Dirhams.
  • According to the statement, a corporation tax of nine percent would be applied to all commercial activity, with the exception of any sort of natural resource exploitation.
  • The corporate tax rate should be applied uniformly to all types of profit, as well as any other revenue that is recorded in accordance with international accounting standards.
  • All forms of revenue and profits recognised in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards are subject to the same level of corporate taxation. Multinational corporations that satisfy the requirements are subject to a higher tax rate in accordance with the recommendations of the OECD.

Which Businesses are exempted from corporate tax in the UAE?

  • Exemptions are granted to small and medium-sized firms having annual earnings of less than AED 3,75,000.
  • The several incentives, as well as the corporation tax exemption, that are granted to free zones will continue to be available to them.
  • Companies that are not physically located on the UAE mainland will not be impacted.
  • There will be no tax imposed on the shareholder for any dividends or capital gains that are obtained via their shareholdings.
  • There will be no business tax on any internal group transactions or reorganisations.

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Which preparation strategies should businesses use for corporate tax in 2023?

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To determine the taxable income of the tax group, the parent firm must consolidate the financial records of all of the tax group's subsidiaries for the relevant tax period and cease all commercial relations with the members of the group. As the UAE's corporate tax legislation is released, companies immediately begin conducting audits. As a consequence of this, the majority of companies that provide tax preparation services won't be able to respond quickly enough to the unexpected increase in demand for corporate tax filings. In view of the fact that external audits and taxation are impossible without internal accounting and bookkeeping, private companies need to start the consultation process and then work to enhance it.

The best course of action for businesses with both offshore and onshore activities in the country is to engage corporate tax services to determine the impact of this levy on their international financial dealings. In addition to this, they are required to guarantee that they are in compliance with the latest corporate tax framework. According to the opinions of several experts, the majority of firms in the UAE are not prepared to deal with the 9 percent corporation tax. There are several legal tasks, including documentation, accounting, and auditing, that need to be completed. When it comes to a large company, adjusting to all of these changes may sometimes be a complicated and time-consuming process. You may get in contact with Fortius Consulting Services for its business consulting services any time in the UAE to get all of your questions answered!

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