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Getting a Dubai Trade License- A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

May 15, 2023
Fortius Team
Copy of a licensing agreement necessary for obtaining a trade license for a Dubai business.

Foreign investors must acquire a trading license in order to establish a trading company in the UAE. Obtaining a trade license and starting a firm in the UAE, especially in Dubai, is of paramount importance for a number of compelling reasons. A trade license enables you to operate your business lawfully, ensuring that you get the required approvals and permits from the appropriate authorities. It protects your company from government shutdowns and penalties. The first step to getting the trade license will be to fulfill a legal requirement. 

A specialized trading license in the UAE allows investors to engage in diverse sectors, including apparel, food, electronics, chemical trading, etc. In the UAE, investors require a general trading license for trading multiple products under a single license. You must remember that an organization without a license may encounter restrictions or be incapable of obtaining licenses in the future. Therefore, it is wise to get in touch with a business setup consultant who will effortlessly get the trade license for you. In this detailed guide, we will take you through the entire process of obtaining a trade license in Dubai, addressing its benefits, costs, and types. 

An Overview of Dubai Trade License & Its Types

A trade license is an official permit for your business to conduct business, granting approval for particular operations within the UAE. This document is issued by the Department of Economic Development and is valid for one year, with the option of renewal every year. Your company can engage in a variety of activities in Dubai with a general trading license, including exporting, conducting commercial operations, and importing. 

A trade license is different from professional and occupational licenses, which could be required for particular professions and occupations. There are four types of business licenses in the UAE. They are: 

Commercial license

This license is designed for companies engaged in the trading of products and commodities. It includes businesses that perform import-export activities as well as services related to vehicle rental and real estate.

Professional license 

This license is intended for individuals practicing specific professions, such as artisans, IT service providers, consultants, medical professionals, printing service providers, publishers, and security personnel.

Industrial license

Companies in manufacturing or industrial sectors are required to obtain an industrial license. This form of license is meant for businesses that develop and manufacture new products from raw or natural materials.

Tourism license

A tourism license is required for enterprises in the tourism industry. This license is required for businesses organizing tourist excursions, managing cruise ships, operating hotels, and engaging in other travel-related endeavors.

Learn How to Acquire a Trade License in Dubai

Getting a trade license in the United Arab Emirates or Dubai is a simple procedure that can be accomplished in a few days. To obtain the trade license, you must follow the steps indicated below:

Select the business entity and indicate the commercial activity

Choose the appropriate corporate structure for your business and describe its commercial activities. Each Dubai license is limited to a total of 10 activities, so it is essential to enumerate all of them.

Choose a trade name for your business

Your trade name should describe your firm's activities and not include offensive words. Avoid using your own name as an acronym in your brand.

Decide on a location for your business

Choosing an appropriate location for your business is essential when seeking a business license. After deciding on a location, you must acquire a tenancy agreement.

Complete the application and pay the fees

To obtain a business license in the UAE, you must fill out an application with the required documents and pay the applicable fees.

Submit the necessary documentation

In Dubai, the following documents are required to obtain a business license. They are:

  • Original and photocopies of the organization's governing documents.
  • Application form completed and signed by the firm's legal representative.
  • Letter from the Department of Environmental Protection approving the business name.
  • Lease contract.
  • Letter from the Department of Economic Development certifying the company's formation has been approved.
  • Information about shareholders, including photocopies of their passports.

Obtain the trade license and create a business bank account

You will be issued your trade license after your application and documents have been approved and verified. The final stage in opening a business bank account is financial transactions. 

By adhering to these steps, you can obtain a trade license and effectively establish your company in the UAE.

Dubai Trade License Explained by a Professional Business Setup Consultant

Trade licenses in Dubai offer numerous advantages as UAE has a favorable business environment. Let's examine some of these benefits:

Increase in international and local trade

Obtaining a general trading license in Dubai enables opportunities for importing and manufacturing products and expanding domestic and international trade. You can sell your items on the local market in Dubai or discover international export opportunities to generate profits.

Tax advantages

Dubai's business-friendly regulations make it a desirable location for entrepreneurs. The lack of sales exemptions, manufacturing taxes, and trade barriers enables companies to dedicate tax savings to operational expenses, thereby fostering profitability and growth.

Limited trade restrictions

Contrary to other business licenses in the UAE, procuring a Dubai trade license is relatively quick and easy, so long as the required documentation is submitted. This streamlined procedure allows entrepreneurs to launch their businesses swiftly and with few restrictions.

Enhanced credibility

Possessing a trade license improves your company's visibility and credibility in the markets in which it operates. It fosters confidence among suppliers, customers, and business partners, establishing a good image for your firm.

Trade license costs

The precise cost of a Dubai trade license depends on multiple variables, including the business location, type, trade operations, and the total number of employees and visas needed. It is crucial to note that your company's specific needs will influence the exact costs involved in maintaining and obtaining a trade license. In general, a Dubai trade license begins at approximately 10,000 AED.

You must follow the steps mentioned here to renew a trade license in Dubai. 

  • Visit any service center of Dubai Economy.
  • Send the essential specifications to the service center’s designated email address.
  • Make the necessary payment through the available options.
  • Complete the business license renewal procedure.

If you adhere to these steps, you can effectively renew your trade license and keep operating your company in Dubai.

The bottomline

Due to the extensive possibilities for business in the Middle East, the UAE trading license is the most sought-after type of business license among investors. A business establishment consultant can benefit investors seeking to comprehend the process of getting a trading license in the UAE and capitalizing on the region's growth potential. These seasoned experts provide guidance and assistance in procuring the required licenses and permits, allowing investors to participate in specialized trade and get significant growth opportunities. With a renowned business setup consultant like Fortius Consulting Services in the UAE, your company can efficiently handle its operations and take advantage of numerous advantages in international and local markets. Get in touch with us today!

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