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Advantages of Outsourcing Accounting Services in Dubai

December 25, 2022
Fortius Team
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How Do Startups And Entrepreneurs In Dubai Benefit From Outsourcing Accounting Services?

Business leaders from around the world consider Dubai to be one of the most advantageous places to start a new business. The opportunities here are infinite with individuals from all over the globe and a thriving economy. You would want everything, from planning your logistics to establishing your physical (or virtual) storefront, to be flawless. Although it's easy to get caught up in the action, it's essential to take time out to plan out the business's finances and accounting.

A healthy startup cannot function without accurate accounting and bookkeeping. However, as a self-made entrepreneur, it may be quite difficult to manage your company's finances, particularly in the beginning. Even when you have achieved some level of success, the continued management of your company's finances will add a new level of complexity to the process of operating the firm, which will, in turn, take time away from activities that generate money.

Numerous advantages await your company when you outsource your accounting needs in Dubai. Through these services, your business may get professional help for time-taking tasks and processes including bookkeeping, financial planning, back office support, reconciliation, payroll processing, and many other accounting-related chores that are specialised to your sector.

In this article, we will take a short look at the many types of outsourced CFO accounting services available in the UAE, as well as the best times to use them.

Which financial and commercial duties can be outsourced?

Any business, no matter how big or small, may benefit from hiring an external accounting firm to maintain orderly financial records and accurately document financial activities. The top financial responsibilities that are outsourced are listed below:

Managing the accounts payable and receivable

Accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) outsourcing optimise cash flow and guarantee on-time payments. Small or new enterprises that lack a dedicated finance staff to manage all the obligations can use this service.

Your team may be complemented by an external accounting company, which could offer the following services:

  • Approval and storage of invoices
  • Online transactions
  • Processing of checks
  • Order control
  • Billing and payments for clients
  • Cost reporting
  • Responding to vendor questions
  • Management of collections and debt
  • Financial planning

Developing A Financial Plan

In order to assess the health of their company and direct their decision-making, organisations require operational analysis and monitoring. In large and more established firms, the CFO is often in charge of several of these duties. However, not every startup or newly emerging company has the resources to engage a full-time CFO. Financial planning services are available to smaller businesses by outsourcing CFO services for startups. And these services can be well availed within the budgetary limits.

Services provided by an outsourced CFO might be:

  • Providing reports on the collection, analysis, and prediction of financial data
  • Estimating costs and income
  • Advicing on personnel and funding possibilities
  • Discussing with investors
  • Budgeting and planning
  • Creating profitable business prospects

Accounting Services

Hiring a third party to handle bookkeeping means you can rely on a group of experts to keep your financial records in order and safe from prying eyes. They can assist you in removing errors, typos, omissions, and oversights from your financial paperwork while keeping your financial records correct and up-to-date.

Services for outsourced bookkeeping include:

  • Managing employee expenses
  • Adjusting ledgers
  • Consolidating several entities and multiple currencies
  • Administration of the order to cash
  • Handling of e-payments and procurement
  • Managing subscription/maintenance renewals
  • Managing time and expenses
  • Processing and payment of invoices
  • Setting up of accounting and bookkeeping software

Filing and Submission of Tax Returns

Accounting knowledge is necessary if you want your company to comply with all tax rules, which is a must. Hiring a third-party accounting firm can help you stay compliant while reducing the risk of making mistakes that might harm your business.

Companies outsourcing tax filing services do a number of things to improve the way businesses handle their taxes, such as:

  • Assist with tax collection, filing, transferring funds, and staying in line with tax rules
  • Franchise tax support
  • Assist with Payroll tax– its collection, filing as well as payment
  • Tax planning, to help a company pay less in taxes and reduce its risks
  • Verification of statements for compliance

Handling Payroll

When a business outsources its payroll processing, it automates the process, resulting in increased efficiency and dependability. There are a lot of outsourced accounting companies that use payroll software to keep costs down. Errors in processing payments or filing tax returns are less likely to occur, thanks to technological advancements, which means your business will pay less fines.

With payroll outsourcing, you may expect accurate and quick data, along with the following benefits:

  • Processing of payroll that may, if necessary, be linked to an existing accounting package
  • Filing of payroll taxes
  • Access on-the-go, from any device, self-service for employees
  • Paying workers in a variety of ways, such as by bank transfer and payment cards
  • Processing at year's end, including W-2, and Tax and Wage Statement.
  • Legal procedures for wage garnishment
  • Payroll and individualised reporting
  • Keeping tabs on staff members
  • Notification of new hires
  • Easily accessible customer service

Preparing reports or financial statements

By outsourcing your accounting, you may access a group of knowledgeable CPAs who can provide the financial records your company requires for both internal and external reporting.

The outsourced service aids in:

  • Tracking Cash flow by combining your income and expenditure into financial statements.
  • Bringing in investors, increase public awareness, and guarantee growth.
  • Using detailed reports to inform executives and members of the board about financial performance, enabling
  • management to make adjustments for sustained success.
  • Addressing cash flow concerns and foresee potential challenges in the future.

Regulatory Services

Your company will benefit from more financial monitoring and an in-depth review of its cash flow when you hire controller services. The greatest users of this service are established and expanding businesses that need more strategic direction and insights to foster their development.

Controller services that are outsourced assist in:

  • Reporting on audits
  • Managing compliance
  • Advising and adhering to norms and practises
  • Supervising transaction processing
  • Communicating with vendors and employees
  • Reporting to administration
  • Analysing flow of funds
  • Examining and creating performance indicators
  • Reporting on key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Analysing the effectiveness of a product or service line
  • Monitoring the operating costs and coordinating the use of various strategies to save costs

How does Dubai's budding business community benefit from accounting services?

In a booming economy like Dubai, companies must guarantee that they make the most of their available funds and flow of cash, not just for large profitable corporations but also for new startups that have recently entered the enormous market.

Startups may gain from outsourcing accounting services by:

  • Enabling the company to make future choices on previous performance, which is captured and categorised in the company's financial reports
  • Increasing internal team productivity by allowing them to concentrate on their primary duties while saving time and cost
  • Allowing companies to establish prices with a healthy profit margin via cost estimation and calculation
  • Future opportunity, cost, and revenue forecasting and budgeting to support measured company growth
  • Tracking, regulating, and minimising corporate costs, increasing profits, and preserving business assets
  • Ensuring a good amount of profit by making sure that there are no cash shortages and that there is no cash locked up in the firm
  • Concentrating on its main business while building a solid accounting foundation to allow efficient and seamless running
  • Giving guidance on finances to help businesses become more profitable by identifying factors that hurt them
  • Enabling firms to track their growth, create goals, and develop gradually keeping precise accounting records in order to register for VAT Return.
  • Concentrating money on activities that matter allows for the effective use of investment resources, resulting in a high rate of return


The search for the employment of specialists and professionals in the fields of accounting and taxation is no longer necessary for business owners. Your company may be certain that your property is being managed by specialists and professionals who are proficient in their field by outsourcing business services in Dubai. By offering you information and guidance, these services may help you avoid fines and other legal repercussions linked to taxes, saving you both money and time. Get the top-notch, tailored outsourced CFO Accounting services from the qualified experts at Fortius Consulting Services!

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