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Reasons To Consider For Hiring CFO Services For Your Small Business

December 10, 2022
Fortius Team
Close-up shot of a chief finance officer reviewing the company's financial chart documents.

Your finance department needs to have clearly defined roles if you want your small firm to function at a high level. But not all small businesses have the resources to recruit a CFO. You won't need to employ a CFO when your company first launches. However, your financial department's requirements will vary as your company grows. You'll eventually have to think about hiring one. An outsourced CFO can help your company grow stronger and more secure financially without incurring the same expenditures as a full-time, experienced CFO. Contact Fortius Consulting Services to acquire the best outsourced CFO services in UAE and Asia.

A Brief Explanation of CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

The highest-ranking financial expert in an organisation, the chief financial officer (CFO), is in charge of the company's financial well-being. The most professional and senior financial employees in a company are the CFOs. They monitor cash flow, budget the company's finances, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and make strategic recommendations. They are knowledgeable about state and federal laws and generally accepted accounting standards (GAAP). The SEC is one of the regulatory bodies and authorities CFOs must report to.

Indications That Your Small Business Needs a CFO

Do you intend to sell your business? CFOs can help you with mergers and acquisitions. If your firm undergoes audits frequently, you'll want a CFO to focus and ensure everything is going right. As they will also represent the business during an audit, you, as the owner, will have one less thing to worry about.

Hire a CFO if you believe these efficient experts will help your company excel. In other words, a CFO can step in and organise things for you if your finance department is disorganised and requires more structure. These are the top indications that your small business needs a CFO.

Signs to Look Out for to Hire a CFO

When and why would your company need the expertise of a CFO? Here are some of the situations that can be handled better by a CFO, either in-house or outsourced. Take a look and decide if your company needs to hire a CFO now.

Growing Fast

If your company is growing, a CFO may be necessary. You can effectively handle all of the sectors you are expanding into with the aid of a CFO. When a business starts to flourish, many need to learn how to manage cash inflows and outflows or even when they need more funding. This is a typical indication of the need for a CFO.

Deteriorating Profits

If your small business's profits are declining and you need to understand why, you need to consider hiring a CFO. This is particularly valid if sales are holding steady or even rising. A CFO will be more knowledgeable about the reasons behind your dropping profitability. They can review your financial statements, accounts payable and receivables, and cash flow and offer insights into what they discover. Their advice might help you regain profitability so that your company can expand.

Considering Larger Investments

Hiring a CFO might also be a good idea if your company is planning to invest in businesses that could affect your profit margins. Some examples of this could be expanding your products or investing in automation to meet your business needs. In such situations, the CFO might help your company with an effective investment strategy.

Entering a Fresh Market

A CFO's competence extends beyond finance, although it is frequently connected with financial decisions. They can help ensure the success of the expansion, whether you're creating a new service, offering, or seeking a new consumer base. CFOs are also very good at identifying market trends and new business prospects by utilising data. When your company has the resources and ability to enter new markets, your CFO will let you know.

Contemplating a Merger or Acquisition

Mergers are challenging. You will require a CFO on your team if your business is being bought or has acquisition intentions for another company. Before, during, and following the merger, your CFO will ensure the accuracy of your financial statements. To verify if the acquisition helps your company, CFOs can also examine the financial data of the competing company. During this shift, they can relieve some of your burdens while ensuring that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Raising Capital

If you need to raise money, a CFO can also assist you in figuring out how much money you'll need to invest and how much revenue you'll make. You may need to get a bank loan to buy new equipment. Or perhaps you're seeking a venture capitalist or investor to provide something more substantial. A CFO can help you with this procedure, no matter your circumstances. When you offer your financial records to an investor or lender, they will ensure that they are all accurate and well-organised. This raises the likelihood that you'll get the money you need.

Handling Time-consuming Manual Processes

Is your staff managing the books and taking a lot of time? You need to sit back and assess whether your time is being used effectively. Simple bookkeeping activities should take less of your time. If bookkeeping staff are ineffective, you could be incurring excessive payroll expenses. A CFO can enhance every step of your bookkeeping procedure. They'll be able to assign tasks and ensure you're utilising the most recent software to make your bookkeeping tasks more efficient.

Inability to Understand Financial Reports

Always examine your finances before making a significant business choice. Even if your bookkeeper produced correct financial records, you need help comprehending them. The financial report analysis is a speciality of CFOs. They'll be able to tell you whether you have enough money to make critical financial commitments like expanding your business, taking on debt, hiring additional workers, and purchasing new equipment.

Contacting Experts

You can get in touch with the appropriate industry specialists with the assistance of a CFO. The majority of the time, CFOs participate in networks and conferences where they can connect with industry experts. A CFO can also connect the organisation with industry specialists in other fields.


When your company is small, a CFO may be optional. However, as it expands, a CFO might be necessary. Your business can be more efficiently run, boosting your bottom line. You can set up your company for growth and assist it in advancing to the next level with the support of a reliable CFO. Get in touch with Fortius consulting services to get professional outsourced CFO services in UAE and Asia.

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